Nominal entries deadline: 6 June 2023


Entries and accreditation requests must be made by the National Federation using the ICF’s online entries system (SDP):

For detailed instructions on how to submit entries, please read the SDP user guide. Any questions or issues relating to entries or accreditation should be sent to prior to the respective deadline.

SDP user guide:


· Nominal entries close: 6 June 2023

· Each athlete competing must be entered by name.

· Team personnel must also be submitted for accreditation at this time. These entries will be used to produce the accreditation cards for all teams.


· Entries or accreditation requests sent directly to the committee or the event organiser will NOT be accepted.

Anti-doping education programme

For this competition, every athlete, coach and support personnel must pass the relevant anti-doping online course on the Anti-Doping Education Learning platform (ADEL) corresponding to their role.

Please find the link to access to the platform:

More information:

Rok za oddajo imenskih prijav: 6. junij 2023


Prijave tekmovalcev so možne le preko spletnega obrazca SDP – ICF, ki je na voljo na:

V primeru vprašanj se obrnite na:

Priročnik za uporabo prijavne aplikacije je dostopen na:

Prijave, ki bodo poslane neposredno organizacijskemu odboru tekme svetovnega pokala, ne bodo sprejete.